Tin Audio T3 Review – Bug Fixes!

Review by Mhark Jhoshua Q. Torres

Thank you Linsoul Audio for letting us give our honest take towards the Tin Audio T3 pro. Given that the review unit is from Linsoul audio and is free of charge, it doesn’t affect the honesty and integrity of this review.

Linsoul Audio Online Stores:

Amazon : https://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&me=A267P2DT104U3C&page=1

Direct store: https://www.linsoul.com

The Company


Tin audio is a chi-fi contender that appeared last Q1 of 2018, their first IEM was Tin Audio T1 (based on what I’ve read) and it was followed by the T2 and T2 Pro which became a lot more popular in comparison to the T1. Their IEMs are known for being bass anemic, since they are tuning their products into a neutral sound signature despite the use of all DD. “Tin Audio is committed to deliver an uncommonly refined tuning.” this is what they said in their Facebook page and based on what I’ve heard from the T2 pro and now the T3, the statement is legit!

The Tin Audio T3



The T3 is made out of metal just like the T2 and T2 Pro that makes the overall feel to be premium and reliable, it’s still astonishing for me to have this well built IEM under the 70 USD price tag. Just like the T2 Pro, the nozzle is still a bit short, the filter is fine, and there are two vents per side one facing the ears and one at the face plate. The T3 pro has slight changes at the face plate whereas there is more styling on the T3 as compared to the flat and simple T2 Pro, the cable is far superior too in terms of aesthetics.

  • Driver unit: 10mm dynamic + Knowles BA
  • Frequency response: 10–40,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 95 dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Plug: ⅛ in (3.5 mm) carbon
  • Cable: 4.1 ft (1.25 m) 5N 8-core OFC-plated silver
  • Interface: MMCX




The packaging of the T3 is now bigger, The styling of the box is better too with transparent part to show off the IEM itself. The blue box contains everything from manual to tips, there is still no carrying case just like with the T2 Pro, I hope that they include even a small pouch in their future IEMs. The gray foam tips is the one you’ll get OOTB but it is huge for my ears to fit, good thing that Tin audio included 8 pairs of extra tips for tip rolling. Lastly I was really amazed, I can confidently say that the cable included must be one if not the best under 150 USD.

Fit and Comfort 


The T3 is made out of metal and there are few sharp edges unlike other IEMs that has CIEM-ish build therefore the fit of the T3 is sub par in comparison to other IEMs in this price tier (eg. TFZ lineup and Shozy Hibiki). The isolation of T3  is very dependent with the tips used with proper tips, the isolation is pretty good, the nozzle is short too hence the insertion is shallow.

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