Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro: Exceptional

Review by: Serra Cass

About the Company

Beyerdynamic (stylized “beyerdynamic”) GmbH & Co. KG is a German audio equipment manufacturer, which produces microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and conference systems. Beyerdynamic has been family owned since its founding in 1924. Beyerdynamic is the oldest audio company that remains active, though its earliest competitors such as Shure and RG Jones Sound Engineering were founded in the years that followed. Most of beyerdynamic’s products are made in Germany. At the end of the 1930s Beyer developed the first pair of dynamic headphones.

Technical Specs

Transducer type                                                             Dynamic

Operating principle                                                       Closed

Frequency response                                                    5 – 40,000 Hz

Nominal impedance                                                     250 Ω

Nominal SPL                                                                     102 dB SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz)

Max. SPL                                                                            125 dB SPL (200 mW / 500 Hz)

T.H.D.                                                                                  < 0.05% (1 mW / 500 Hz)

Nominal power handling capacity                           200 mW

Sound coupling to the ear                                          Circumaural

Ambient noise attenuation                                       Velours: approx. 18 dBA Leatherette: approx. 21 dBA

Nominal headband pressure                                    Approx. 7.2 N

Weight (without cable)                                                               388 g

Length and type of cable                                                            3 m / straight cable or 5 m / coiled cable (stretched), each detachable with 3-pin mini XLR cable connector, single-sided

Connection                                                                                      Gold-plated mini stereo jack (3.5 mm) & 1/4″ adapter (6.35 mm)

Price: 600$ (Around P30,000)


This unit is a personal purchase. I am not in any way connected to Beyerdynamic. I receive no incentive or whatsoever in writing this review.

First Impression

We’ve come to recognize the term “German-Engineering” as synonymous with exemplary craftsmanship. The DT1770 is no exception. Materials are top-notch, no corners were definitely cut, equating to a build quality that will surely last for years.


(Headband cover is not included)


Included here are two sets of swappable earpads; velour and leather. Beyerdynamic has also included two options for cables, either your standard 3M cord or the coiled wire. They also included a big, black carrying case.


Fit and Comfort

The headphones are quite hefty, weighing at 388 g. But this is contrasted with the well-padded headband that balances the weight evenly. The leatherette and the velour pads are very comfortable and could be wore for more than an hour without much discomfort.




The DT1770 pro is equipped with Beyerdynamic’s Tesla technology, which is also utilized in their flagships. According to Beyerdynamic, “Tesla 2.0 systems offer maximum efficiency and ensure precise, completely distortion-free sound quality with the finest resolution and impressive spatial properties even at very powerful output levels.”

Beyerdynamic has also included two sets of earpads: leatherette and velour, which completely alters the sound. In a nutshell, the leatherette provides more bass, it gives a warmer tonality, and isolates better. While the velour presents a colder and more analytical signature that is typical of studio monitors. I mainly use the leatherette pads for this review.



Bass is full bodied and very punchy, it is well extended and very satisfying. Decay is neither too fast nor sluggish. Presenting just the right amount to give it a very musical character. However, a note to be taken here is that mid bass has a slight tendency to blend into the midrange. Personally it isn’t a problem as I found that it gives the vocals and stringed instruments a nice weight and timbre, thought others may perceive this differently. 


The midrange has a nice texture to it. I find it to be very well balanced, it doesn’t sound too thick, nor too thin, too forward nor too laidback. It sounds pristine and clear, rendering vocals and a whole variety of instruments with finesse.


This are known to be one of the mildest sounding beyerdynamic in respect to treble. However, I would still describe it as a touch bright, but it never goes to the point of sibilance. Details are rendered impressively.

Keep in mind that these are marketed as studio monitors for “musicians, sound engineers, and producers”. This trait can be a double-edged sword as it can be unforgiving to poorly recorded material.

Soundstage and Imaging

Soundstage sounds quite “open” for a close designed headphone.   But open-back headphones will always sound a bit wider (obviously). The height of its staging  gives a good dimension and to top it off, the imaging, which is my favorite aspect of this headphone is exceptional. Every instrument is simply well defined.


The Beyerdynamic DT1770’s sound is a perfect contrast between being musical and analytical. It is engaging and fun, yet it doesn’t spare any details. Crafted from top-notch materials, it is well-built and highly comfortable. It really sets itself apart in the sea of closed headphones.


Fiio X7

Ibasso DX120

Chord Mojo

Modded Jazz Amplifier

Recordings Used

The Beatles “Love”

Nobuo Uematsu “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy – Returning Home”

Weezer “Teal Album”

Simon and Garfunkel “The Best of Simon & Garfunkel”


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