Modded Grado SR80E by Jaypee Peteza Review

Review by Aj


iBasso DX120( High Gain,Short delay, Sharp roll off, Reference mode)
FLAC, DSD and DSF tracks were used in this review

Key features to this mod:

  • Wood cups also contribute to it being more lightweight and sonic wise the production of bass has greater quality
  • Detachable cables that provide more portability
  • I also noticed an odd mod to the headband which I think came from a leather belt but nevertheless it is as comfortable as the stock headband and more lightweight.


This headphone was loaned from Mr. Jaypee Peteza, a local DIYer and the craftsman behind the unique Deez cables.  The modded Grado SR80E also came with his luminous SPC Deez cable as he likes to call them. Thank you for letting us review this and rest assured that this review is unbiased as possible.


You can feel the fullness of the sound of the strings of the guitar plucked in the song “Ain’t No Sunshine” not too hard nor soft in which i had experienced before. The high pitch vocals also doesn’t hurt my ears unlike the stock Grado sr80e which is a little sharp. You can also feel its airiness which I find soothing. High pitched vocals don’t sound as sharp as they used to sound in the stock sr80e but


On the other hand while the highs are less piercing the vocals though they are pronounced well you can really hear. In the song “Proof ” by Paramore I was surprised in how the striking of the drums here though they do sound a bit hard and snappy. Although the details of the vocals is not as well pronounced as when it is on stock it is not thin nor  thick. It is also noticeable that the high pitch vocals from Adele is not too sharp even though i tested them with SPC cables.


The first thing that caught my attention in this particular aspect of this headphone is the decay of its bass is unusually longer than most headphones is I guess because of . The bass is not punchy enough for my liking, but the huskiness of Elvis Costello’s voice in his song “Can You Be True?” sounds very natural and full bodied.

Sound stage and Resolution

The width of its sound stage is nothing special for me just the same with the unmodded version. Though no doubt it has better imaging and instrument separation  than its stock, the instruments doesn’t get congested even in narrow sounding tracks.



The things I dislike about it is first  how the vocals are somehow affected by the woodcups and the treble has less crisp to it. I’m not a headphone lover like some of you but i appreciate the craftsmanship on this one. Some aspects in terms of tonality that i like and dislike, i like how the bass decay is longer than usual but somehow in some tracks I feel that the vocals is a bit congested.But this headphone with either stock or modded still syncs well with certain types of genres.

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