Imperial Audio Atlantis Review – Song of the Siren!

Review by: Mhark Jhoshua Q. Torres

The Company

Imperial Audio, a Philippine home-based brand, established to provide high quality sound and aesthetically beautiful custom products that can compete internationally without breaking someone’s bank. Every custom product that Imperial audio produces never leave the craftsman’s table without assuring the highest quality that can ever be produced.

The Imperial Audio Atlantis

I love the cable! It is nice looking and an eye candy, it is nicely braided and the color choice is great as it matches the name itself. Choosing yuin shell is good as it fits my ear better than the MX500 shell, plug and splitter looks great as well.

Some specifications are:

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Driver/s: Single 14.8 mm dynamic driver



The mid bass at low volumes lacks impact but cranking it up a bit higher than my average listening volume greatly increase the punch and impact of bass. Sub bass is there but the depth and quantity is just ample for non bass heads, nonetheless the presentation of sub and mid bass is textured and they are pretty linear as there are no noticeable bass humps. The bass may be slow it times and may sound a bit congested on complex tracks.



Atlantis excel with its organic mids, it doesn’t sound too clinical and transparent but rather full with natural timbre. Male vocals has great amount of body without sounding muddy, it never sounded dry and it is quite forward as compared to the bass and treble. Female vocals sound sweet and there are no noticeable dips at upper mid range, it shares the same positioning with the lower mids. String instruments is also worth metioning as it sounds crisp and clear. I’d say that the mids is the strongest point of Atlantis, it easily surpass the nameless in terms of timbre and sweetness but I’d say that nameless is a bit more transparent.


Treble seems to be a bit recessed and relaxed. It may lack sparkle for treble lovers out there but it is airy enough and decays quickly. The treble never sounded aggresive nor piercing making it a nice on the go buds for relaxing while listening some acoustic songs. The lack of sparkle may hinder atlantis to excel with clasical, rock and metal tracks that needs to have that top end sparkle, nonetheless the extension is decent.

Sound stage

The overall soundstage is average, not intimate nor too wide. It expands naturally when needed but sometimes studio recorded tracks sounds a bit narrow. I’d say that the soundstage seems to be a medium room and the height falls a bit while having wide and deep staging, separation and imaging is above average.


The atlantis is suprisingly detailed posseses great amount of texture along the frequencies. The mids in particular sounds euphoric at times as micro details are being revealed fabulously, over it is pretty resolving but the highs isn’t as good as the other two main frequencies.

Sound signature and synergy

The atlantis has flat to midcentric sound signature, it doesn’t sound colored and may be boring at times but it isn’t too clinical too.

Aune M1s


Aune M1s is a neutral dap with meaty presentation and outstanding black background. The atlantis sounds good with m1s but the highs sounds recessed good thing is that the mids gained more lushness and became more enjoyable for casual listening.

Huawei Mate 10 (smartphone users) 

Huawei mate 10 is neutral to slightly bright, details are fine and the highs are well elevated without sacrificing the other too frequencies. Details are still audible while the sound stage and resolution slightly decreased.


Moonbuds Crescent (4 core) 

Moon buds crescent has more impactful mid bass and slightly deeper sub bass but atlantis have the upper hands when it comes to texture. Mids are slightly recessed in crescent but still packs good amount of clarity, positioning and texture goes to the atlantis while the crescent is slightly more clear. The best point of crescent is its treble, it extends very well and has nice sparkle on it, on the other hand the atlantis presents the highs in relaxed manner, I’ll choose the crescent for the treble. Both buds are resolving for their price tier it is just that atlantis resolves the mids better and crescent resolves the bsss and treble better. Soundstage is slightly wider and deeper on the atlantis while crescent has better height, imaging and layering seems to be on par.



Atlantis is a one of the best custom buds that I’ve heard, the cable quality is top notch, the mids is very engaging and organic. The bass is there and has good amount of texture, treble is slightly recessed but still has good airyness and decay speed. Atlantis is a very good startup product from Imperial audio, it may not pleser bass heads and treble heads but I believe that this fella is one of the best buds under 5000 PHP (100 USD) as it has one of the most natural timbre amongst the buds that I used.

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