Moondrop Nameless Review – Neutralize!

Review by: Mhark Jhoshua Q. Torres

The Company

As I searched through the internet, I found out that they doesn’t have a website nor facebook page, but their items are rampant across different online stores such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Lazada and Shopee. The nameless is available locally at Tuneout Audio priced at 1300 PHP (25 USD). The moondrop is pretty famous in earbuds groups such as Earbuds Anonymous and Earbuds Revolution PH and they are known to produce neutral sounding gears.

The Moondrop Nameless

The moondrop nameless has 13.5mm diameter dynamic driver per side, has mixed metal and plastic housing and the cable looks like a hybrid copper and SPC cable coated with silicone material. The nameless is priced at 1000 PHP (20 USD) yet the build quality and packaging is on par with sub 3000 PHP buds, technical specification are as follows:

  • Driver: 13.5mm Diameter Dynamic driver
  • Sensitivity: 112dB/mW 
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
  • Plug diameter: 3.5mm
  • Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm


As I scanned other reviews, the nameless came in with new and much better box, the white minimalist box looks much more enticing. The nameless has full foams OOTB and there are 2 cards and 1 manual, it has 2 extra foams and 1 nice pouch. I can’t ask for more, it is by far the most impressive buds that I’ve seen under 1000 PHP, it is generous and the box doesn’t look cheap at all.

Fit and Comfort

the shell is slighty smaller than the emx500 shells (as far as I know and feel), that is why I found the nameless comfortable and fits really well with my ears, I never felt ear pain even when listening for several hours.


Note: The sound impression was taken after 100 hours of burn in time, full foams installed, high gain being on in both Aune m1s and Cayin N5ii.


Sub does doesn’t extend very deep but has good texture and quality, it is there but might be lacking for warm signature lovers, the quantity is moderate making the bass linear. Mid bass has enough impact to feel the slams and beats of songs but again the quantity most likely won’t satisfy bass heads out there. If quality, texture and speed the nameless won’t disappoint it decays rather fast and is flexible enough to handle rock and EDM genres without congestion, the overall bass is slightly linear as there are no humps from sub bass to mid bass.


The mids isn’t forward nor recessed, it is occupying the middle ground of the stage, vocals is actually the forte of nameless. Starting with the lower midrange, male vocals sounds full enough for it not to sound dry, December Avenue’s Fallin sounds nice as the vocalist naturally thin voice is replicated with ease, it didn’t sounded too thin nor thick giving the lower mids a natural timbre. Going up to the upper midrange, female vocals sounds damn amazing, it is very articulate making it a good caliber for jazz, pop and acoustic songs. The amount of details and texture is simply eargasmic, I even kept my westone UM3X away and used this as my daily driver (mostly indoor listening), I’d say that the mids of nameless is one of a kind though it may sound thin to others but for me it is just enough.


Linear and airy, it isn’t upfront but is still very present. It doesn’t sound aggressive at all, it decays fast and feels clear and crisp even it isn’t sharp to be piercing. There are no noticeable peaks at all, I personally hate aggressive highs and this one just soothe me as the cymbals doesn’t sounds splashy at all but still able to provide good amount of sparkle, the nameless is agile as the highs decays fast and is also textured enough to reveal details.

Sound Stage and Resolution

I found the sound stage of nameless to be great, it expands whenever it is needed. Despite being a neutral to mid centric sounding buds, it never sounded intimate, it has nice width and depth and average height, live tracks sounds life like making the layering and imaging of instruments natural. The nameless is surprisingly resolving across the mids and bass but falls a bit short with treble, it passed my everything’s not lost test as the drum roll is very audible. the highs are rather smooth as compared to the mids and bass but still it isn’t that bad.

Sound Signature and Synergy

The Nameless possesses neutral to slightly mid centric sound signature which is pretty rare with earbuds as most of what I’ve tried are either warm or V shaped (especially below 1000 PHP), it has nice linear bass, slightly upfront mids and relaxed treble making it one of the rarest sounding buds out there.

Cayin N5ii


The Cayin N5ii is transparent and very neutral sounding dap with nice extension on both ends, the mids is organic and the bass is linear. The nameless is a bit boring when paired with the n5ii but packs a lot of technical prowess, the details and layering is noticeably better as compared with the aune m1s but the bass suffer as it is presented rather flat and not that impactful. The highs noticeably became a bit upfront and became clearer, this pairing is the best for those who are thirsty for neutral and clarity.

Aune M1s


The Aune M1s sounds darker in comparison to the Cayin n5ii as it lacks treble extension and it has thicker and more embodied sound signature, nonetheless it is still one of the best neutral dap under 10,000 PHP (200 USD). The Aune M1s noticeably boost the slightly thin tonality of the nameless, the mids became more embodied and less dry, the bass became  more present while the treble suffers a bit as the extension doesn’t increase nor the forwardness. It pairs well especially for those who are treble sensitive but for me it lacks technical prowess and sparkle at the same time.

Smart Phone (Huawei Mate 10)

The Huawei Mate 10 is fairly neutral and slightly leaning to bright, the nameless gain more body and less transparency as compared to the Aune m1s and Cayin n5ii but the extension is quite nice with cayin n5ii still being the nicest amongst the sources. The sub bass extension was further decreased and the technical prowess became average. If you are using a smart phone as DAP, the nameless still won’t disappoint, the articulation of mids still remains pristine as compared to dedicated DAPs but of course the resolution and such won’t be the same.



The Moondrop Nameless is definitely an underrated earbuds, or maybe major amount of enthusiasts loves warmth and fun sounding earbuds, but if you are in search of something linear, flat or neutral then definitely Nameless will satisfy your urge for uncolored music. There are no bass bump as the sub bass and mid bass are presented rather linear and rounded with less impact, the mids are a bit upfront with top notch articulation and transparency, the treble are a bit relaxed and airy without noticeable peaks and both the sound stage and resolution are handled with ease. I easily recommend the nameless to those who love to listen classical, jazz, pop, folk and acoustic genres as it excel with its natural sound.

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