VE Monk Lite Review – Bang For The Buck

Review By Serra Cass


The Company

A tiny audio company based in Shenyang, China, Venture Electronics has given the audiophile community a run for its money. They promise to deliver the “best bang for your buck”. Talk about confidence! VE is known to deliver uncompromised sound quality at a stupendously affordable price.

The head of the company, who simply goes by “Wild Lee,” speaks online with an unorthodox demeanor, frank and humorous. He’s doing a commendable job of bringing good audio to the masses.

The VE Monk Lite




“The more you add, the more you take away”. It’s painfully obvious that VE’s focus here is sound quality. Which is a good thing, The Monk Lites are packaged in a small vacuum sealed plastic bag with some foamies included which might be off putting for some. They look stupidly cheap (which they certainly are) but we know that looks can be deceiving. Especially in this hobby.

Fit and comfort

I often found earbuds to be quite uncomfortable even for a couple of minutes. But these are quite an exception. The earpieces are small enough that they don’t push against the ear muscles painfully. If you’re like me  who’s challenged by buds comfort-wise. These are a refresher.





The Monk Lite has a good mid bass that blends perfectly with the mids presenting a sound with good warmth. Sub bass could use a touch more presence, but no major qualms here. The bass envelopes the music smoothly like butter.


The Lites has a very enjoyable midrange. It is slightly lush, nice and warm. Vocals has a nice weight to them. Very good timbre, not too colored, just enough to present a voices in how they would sound naturally.


The treble on the Lites are easy on the ear. A bit polite at times, but it makes up for it for a longer listening sessions. Make no mistake, it is definitely not lacking. But only preferential. It’s notably smooth. Just a little more refinement and they would definitely blow most people’s socks off.

Soundstage and Imaging

The Lites has a slightly above average soundstage. Though what is more noteworthy here is the imaging. Instruments has ample spaces between them, making the coherent and distinguishable from one another.

Source and Synergy 
I used a Quad DAC LG G6 connected to a Walnut F1. I also used a Walnut V2S, both at stock op amps.


The Monk Lite offers excellent value, no doubt about it. If you’re into its warm and smooth signature you’ll definitely be in for a ride.

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