QDC Neptune Review – Single BA Contender

Review by Alvin John S. Altura

The company

Shenzen Qili Audio Application Co., Ltd. or also known as QDC a well known company dedicated in developing high end in-the-ear balanced armature monintors with the help and support of famous personalities from the music industry. In most of their models from the reaserch to their craftsmanship they never miss details to provide the best quality with their hardwork, dedicated work ethics and unwillingness mediocrity young concept, with some of the world’s greatest minds they combine nuanced and bold innovation flawlessly, striving to make the company become the world’s leading audio device manufacturers, high end customized balanced armature monitor, adopting customized impressions, maximizes the sound insulation and enhances the low frequency response when wearing comfortably. qdc also offers optional customized appearance, including customized design pictures, character and color for external faceplate, which makes you own the unique monitor.


This item was provided by one of our co-reviewers at Hi-Phi, Mr. Jonathan Macaya for me to give my honest and unbias take with regards to the IEM.


The QDC Neptune





When I first saw its packaging, I was intrigued and astonished that a entry level IEM could have a box this good for starters and the case included inside screams premium all over and not to mention the three pairs of silicone and double flange eartips coming in small, medium and large sizes that is included in this package is really worth the buck.


Fit and Comfort

At first glance at this IEM, you might think that this one is a custom in-ear-monitor or CIEM because of its form factor and build qualty. Personally this is one of the factors why I like the QDC Neptune. It has the same feel when wearing a custom in-ear-monitor especially when using the right tips.





In its stock form,it has a decent amount of bass. Not too punchy, Not too thin. You can still feel that “thump” of the bass. Sub bass is present but not that punchy. However, when I changed the cable from stock to DHC peptide cable V1, it adds some punch into the bass, but still not too punchy. Just enough to give body to the sound. Overall balanced presentation of the lows.



In its stock form, the mids are not that full bodied but it packs a superb clarity and details. The vocals are outstanding specially the female voice. The presentation of the mids are not recessed nor forward. Detail is good. In the song Sing it Again, at some point, I can hear the backup singers clearly. The vocals in Someone like you is great, clean reproduction and the sound of the keyboard  is natural.

Airy highs. The cymbals are so good in the song Sing it Again from the starting point up until the end Natural/accurate reproduction of the sound, not artificial sounding.

Soundstage& Separation

It feels like you’re in a concert stadium. The soundstage is wider than I expected. In the song Sing it Again, it feels like you are in that stadium because of the wide presentation of the sound. The  instrument separation is so great and accurate. I can somehow pinpoint the musicians while listening in the song Sing it Again. Its like you are hearing the synth part on the left ear and the electric guitar on the right. When the drums roll, I can feel the 3D ish sound of it.



QDC Neptune is a Neutral sounding IEM, I must say that this IEM is one of the top contenders in this price point. From the very good isolation to the awesome mids and to the superb clarity, soundstage and separation of the instruments. So if you’ll ask me is this worth the hype? The answer is a resounding YES!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. bonbon says:

    would Fiio’s RC-UE2B be compatible with these babies? I snagged a pair myself, but I’m not liking how the cable feels so I’m looking to replace it with something else


    1. Hi-Phi says:

      Personally, I love to pair the neptunes with SPC as I love transparency and sweetness with the upper mids, never tried the RC-UE2B.


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