Simgot EN700 Pro Review – Drop That Bass!

Review by Mhark Jhoshua Q. Torres

The Company

Simgot was first established in 2015 and their first product was Simgot EN700 which was the predecessor of Simgot EN700 Pro, later they released the Simgot EN700 Bass which doesn’t have removable cable and as the name suggests, it is focused on the bass frequency. Their website states that “SIMGOT,means “Simple and elegant”.We trust only finest product and perfect service, only the fusion of old-school rules and fashion creativity. Don’t give in to conservative and troubles, we will redefine your senses. Stop step around and start set out. Salute to art and science”. I believe their statement because their product speaks for them (Spoiler).

The Simgot EN700 Pro

The Gorgeous Simgot EN700 Pro

The Simgot EN700 Pro is Hi-Res Certified and the papers of the certification can be seen in their website, the 700 Pro is equipped with polymer composite titanium plated diaphragm N50 strong magnetic loop and has a frequency response raging from 15 Hz to 40 kHz. The 700 Pro also comes with a 6N single-crystal copper and silver-plated braided wires with standard 0.78 mm 2 pin connector, the hybrid cable is done exquisitely but based on my experience both copper and silver oxidized after months of use.


Pardon us for not having pictures of the package since our unit was a demo unit bought from a friend, the EN700 Pro comes with a black elegant box, after removing the sleeve a more elegant box will surprise the user, the box contain the two earpieces that comes with 4 color way, red, blue, blue and red, and black in my case I’ve got the blue one. Premium leather carrying pouch and the hybrid cable can also be seen inside the box, my favorite part of the package is the two types of ear tips, one for better upper frequencies (Red) and one for better lower frequencies (Blue). Overall the EN700’s package is the best under sub 8000 PHP ($160).

Fit and Comfort

I will describe the fit and comfort to be mediocre, the fit is good, it sits perfectly to my ear and the comfort is good as well, but as we combine the fit and comfort in IEMs, the isolation comes in and this is where the EN700 Pro falls down a little. The profile of the EN700 Pro looks sexy and feels sexy as well but as I use it during commutes the jeepney’s engine noise can be still audible but still far better than using my buds for commute.


Note: The sound impression are done with the red tips equipped because the blue tips boosts the lower frequencies resulting to a bit overpowering bass.

Simgot EN700 Pro with the upper frequency tips

‌Deep sub bass! It is well extended, excellent texture and quality and good quantity. Madman of Sean Rowe sounds superb with the EN700 Pro, the rumble sounds natural and deep, his vocals lowest signature is very audible with nice texture. The mid bass takes a little step forward without having that annoying bass bleed, the attack is tight yet punchy, it is unbelievably fast and accurate, the texture is on the average side since it is a bit smooth. Lastly, the bass never sounded boomy since it is quick, bass decay is impressive as well, it is fast thus it can handle rock and metal tracks without being congested.


‌The mids is laid back yet retaining good clarity and is layered well, the lower mids sounds warm and lush giving good advantage when handling male vocals, Ed Sheeran’s Wake me up sounds relaxing, it may not be placed forward but the quality of mids is far from being muddy. Upper mids is a bit forward as compared to the lower mids, but still a bit laid back as compared to the bass, it lacks sweetness and crisp but has ample body, Halie Loren’s Wild Birds is enjoyable as there are no noticeable peaks also sibilant is absent in the EN700 Pro. Mids has good amount of body and clarity, but lacks details and sweetness, I’d say that the mids is just average since I’m a mid centric guy that loves transparency in mids that has pristine clarity and forward layering.


‌Treble section is airy and laid back, it decays fairly good and has average sparkle and extension. I’d say that it is a bit relaxed and far from being aggressive, Asphyxia of Co Shu Nie never sounded fatiguing nor peaky and piercing the highs may not please treble heads but for treble sensitive users the treble is great because it has is airy and open as it retains good definition and details.

Sound Stage and Resolution

Simgot EN700 Pro with the premium box as background

The sound stage is very wide for an IEM, the Asphyxia and Unravel never sounded flat nor congested, the layering and imaging is accurate delivering complex tracks with ease. The layering is good, bass is a bit upfront followed by the female vocalist and string instruments, then the male vocalist last is the treble that took the farthest seat among the three categories. Details are very good even the BA being absent from this IEM, I A/B the ZST and the EN700 pro and was quite amazed that during my first 24 bit track Everything’s Not Lost of Coldplay, the constant drum roll at 40+ seconds is very audible in the 700 pro while it is very faint in the ZSTs, I know that the price difference is humongous but it is for the sake of hearing the missing part of tracks on budget set up and how does.

Sound Signature and Synergy

Again, I used my Ibasso DX90 as DAP during the review which is known to be flat/analytical to a bit warm the Simgot EN700 Pro is leaning to L shaped to slightly warm and smooth sound signature, it is warm but never sounded dark for me as the mids retain the clarity and transparency while the treble is recessed but not that rolled off. Using Neutral to  bright source will give the upper mids to treble more crisp and sparkle as the lower frequencies retains its warmth and body.


Magaosi K5 V2

The sub bass of K5 has less depth and approaches it in a smoother manner while the quantity almost being the same, the sub bass goes to EN700 Pro due to better texture and quality. The mid bass of K5 is fast and has good texture but the quantity and punch goes to the EN700 Pro the mid bass goes again to the EN700 Pro. Lower mids are tackled better by the K5 as it is layered more forward, not too lush and has better clarity, the body goes to EN700 though. The upper mids is a lot better in K5, it is forward and has ample crisp without losing body it is less smoother than the EN700 Pro making it more revealing as compared to the smooth, warm and laid back mids of EN700, the mids definitely goes to EN700 Pro. The highs are also more forwad in K5 and has better body and extension, it is not that airy and detailed though as compared to the EN700 Pro, K5 is a bit better for my preference. The details are better in the K5 (5 BAs man) but the layering and sound stage is more likable in the EN700 Pro.


Oxidized Cable

The EN700 Pro is an underrated bass beast under 8000 PHP ($160) considering that is not even the bass variant, it is possesses an L-shaped to warm and smooth sound signature that is made for long hours of listening. The bass part has good quantity, punch, depth and extension that never sounds excessive nor clouded the mids. The mids is laid back and has good amount of body but may be a bit lush for those who love transparency nonetheless details and clarity are not that compromised. Lastly the highs which is a bit more recessed than the mids is relaxed, has good definition and airiness that will please non treble head users. It also has an overall quick paced sound, wide sound stage and good detail retrieval.

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